Corron reached the finals in SBM's entrepreneur competition «Næringsteft», and secured 250,000 NOKs for the development of smart anodes.

Specializing within corrosion protection of ships, offshore installations and port facilities


A new company with long traditions

Corron AS is a newly established company focusing on the sale of anodes and advisory services within corrosion protection.

Behind us are partners with long traditions from the casting field; Vestad Metal Foundry and Oshaug Metall. Combined with new expertise and technology, we are aiming to develop even more effective solutions in corrosion protection, offshore and onshore.


We offer consulting within coting, cathodic protection and interpretation of standards.


We calculate and do detailed engineering of amount, size and location of anodes in a cathodic protection system.


We carry out coating and surface treatment inspections of new build and older structures with corrosion and surface treatment. Our inspectors are FROSIO level III-certified


We arrange both open and corporate internal courses in surface treatment and cathodic protection. The courses are held by FROSIO certified instructors.

Anodes for all purposes

Corron delivers both standard and customized anodes for a wide range of sizes, shapes and applications.

We develop and manufacture our anodes at our modern foundry at Bud, outside Molde.

Our zinc anodes are delivered according to “MIL-A-18001K”, in sizes up to 2 tons.

Our aluminum anodes are typically of the “AlZnIn” alloy and can be supplied in accordance with DNVGL RP B-401 in sizes up to 650 kg.

In 2018, Corron began developing smart anodes that monitor cathodic protection on quays, offshore installations and ships. It gives our customers full control of their facilities. In addition to knowing that the system has protection, it will allow anodes to be changed when you need to, and not when you are afraid that you need to change.

Combines cutting-edge expertise in materials technology with unique foundry experience

In and around Corron AS, there is a strong professional environment with both expertise an experience in corrosion protection and casting.

Our team is led by managing director, Aleksander Rise Gallala. He is a materials engineer and corrosion, with considerable experience from major international companies in the design / engineering of cathodic protection systems for subsea installations, as well as the development and implementation of standard specifications.

With him in the team he has:

Per Arne Vestad

Production manager

Åse Huse Vestad

Quality manager

Heidi Huse Vestad


Martin Kristoffersen Finnøy


Contact us


Visit- and post address:
Håsundet, 6430 Bud

Phone: +47 92033355


Specialists in corrosion protection of ships, offshore installations and port facilities